International Projects

MyoBan Wireless Body Area Networks for high density MYOelectric neurorehabilitation Horizon 2020 - Topic: MSCA-IF-2016 Proposal number 753048 (2017 - 2019)
AMYO Advanced Myoelectric Control of Phrostetic System VII° Framework 251111 - FP7- PEOPLE-2009-IAPP - Marie Curie Actions (2010 - 2014)
TASI Multi channel EMG device and probes to investigate pelvic floor muscles Supported by Compagnia di San Paolo 2006-2008
MESM-2 Development of electrode grids and accessories for EMG investigation Supported by European Space Agency (2005 - 2007)
OASiS Development of anal probes for the study of pelvic floor muscles V° Framework QLRT 2001 Supported by the European community (2000 - 2003)

National Projects

BioFApp Bioelectrical Fatigue App Supported by Regione Piemonte Fondo POR-FESR 2014-2020
LoBApp Low Back pain motor control App Supported by Regione Piemonte Attività I.1.3 - 2016
MoRA Movement Recognition Armband Supported by Regione Piemonte Attività I.1.3 - 2015
BioWiD Biomedical Wireless Device Supported by Regione Piemonte Attività I.1.3 - 2015
HExEC Hand Exoskeleton Emg Controlled Supported by Regione Piemonte 2012 - 2014
LAGRANGE Start-Up Development of a EEG wireless equipment Supported by Fondazione CRT 2009-2010
Voucher Development of an wearable equipment to monitor bruxism Supported by Regione Piemonte 2008-2009
Photo-IN Development of ID and Credit Card Checker Supported by Fondazione Torino Wireless 2006-2007
ASIBAS Development of electrode rectal probes to investigate sphincter muscles Supported by Regione Piemonte 2006-2007
LAGRANGE Development of rectal probes to investigate puborectalis muscle Supported by Fondazione CRT 2004-2005
SINAPSI Development of 16 channel MMG device Supported by Fondazione CRT 2004-2005
SINAPSI Development of EMG probe to investigate gracilis muscle Supported by Regione Piemonte 2004-2005
SINAPSI Development of biomechanical measurement device MISO II Supported by Regione Piemonte 2003-2004
DIADI Development of new flexible EMG arrays Supported by Regione Piemonte 2002-2003
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