One station, many probes

Muovi+Pro system include the Syncstation base and up to 4 Muovi+ probe. The base itself can be expanded and can connect up to 4 additional Muovi device, 8 DUE+ probe and 2 QUATTRO+ for a maximum of 8 simultaneously connected devices. Muovi+Lite system, however, allows you to use a single probe connected directly to your PC!

Small and powerful probe

Each probe is small and lightweight, can record 64 channels and integrate an IMU sensor for angle and movement analysis. With the support of a strap you can place it comfortable on you subject.

Aux channels, of course

We could not miss to add auxiliary channels to the Syncstation base, together with a trigger out to synchronize additional devices and a load cell connector for force signal. What more you can ask for?


Available versions



  • Single probe and charger
  • 64 channels
  • WiFi direct connection


  • Up to 2 probes with SyncStation+
  • Up to 2x64 channels
  • Ethernet connection via SyncStation+