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Default File Name


In my research, we use 5 digit numerical participant codes (i.e. 01-669). I would like to save our resulting files as "01864(datetime etc.)" but the current format only allows me to save as "0186" as the default settings only allow for the first two digits of first/last name to be saved (i.e. "0186").

I know I can manually change this with each file I save, but if possible it would be great to change this setting so the files can save automatically/consistently.

Thank you!

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Hi Eva, thank you to have written in our Forum. I've analysed your request, and here my idea to solve your problem. if you check the image i shared in my answer, you can see how i configured the subject informations. Here the name resulting from these infomations:


Let me know if this is helpfull and have a nice day.

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