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Unable to select Differential configuration with 64 channel EMG

We are using the Quattrocento, AD64F, and GR04MM1305 to collect 64 channels of EMG data. My supervisor told me that in their earlier trials (using the Quattrocento at a different institution), they used the Differential configuation, but when I select the above hardware in the configuration file in the Biolab+ (not Lite) software, Differential is greyed out and I am only able to select Monopolar. Are we mistaken or is there something else that I have to do in order to get Differential to be selectable? I believe in the Biolab Lite software we do have it set to 64 channel Differential, so I am unsure why I cannot replicate this in Biolab+.

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Hi and thank you to have opened this ticket. In the latest versions of OT Biolab+, we removed the possibility to set a differential mode acquisition from the setup, because our adapter now acquire just in monopolar mode, so now this behavior is more coherent with the working mode of our hardware. The differential now can be done just via software, so you have to start your acquisition, find the monopolar track in the left tree view, right click on it, "Apply Real time processing", Differential. This should provide you the desired signals.


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