Bipolar, the easy way

Due+Lite (single probe) and Due+Pro (from 4 to 8 probes) devices takes bipolar to level zero. The systems are designed to be quick and easy to use. Turn on the probes you need and they will automatically connect to the station, connect the Ethernet cable, the electrode and you’re ready to go. A set of straps will help you stabilize the probes on the subject. Choose the version you like the most between a 1-probe, 4-probes and a 8-probes system. Undecided? No problem, the syncstation can still be upgraded in the future.

Due+ probe, compact and lightweight

Each probe can record 2 bipolar channels and integrate and IMU sensor for angle and movement analysis and can be used together with other probes, for a maximum of 8 simultaneously connected devices.

Aux channels, of course

We could not miss to add auxiliary channels to the Syncstation base, together with a trigger out to synchronize additional devices and a load cell connector for force signal. What more you can ask for?


Available versions



  • Single probe and charger
  • 2 channels
  • WiFi direct connection


  • Up to 8 probes with SyncStationBIpolar+
  • Up to 8x2 channels
  • Ethernet connection via SyncStationBipolar+