One device, 400 channels

Quattrocento device is the perfect laboratory device, with up to 400 channels and a wide variety of adapters it allows to acquire EMG, EEG or intramuscular signals. Pick the version that most fits your needs between the different available: 96, 192, 288 or 384 channels.

Create your own configuration

The Quattrocento let you choose between 4 different sampling frequencies (512, 2048, 5120, 10240 Hz) and together with a set of different high and low pass filters you can create the configuration you want. Find out all the possibilities that this device provides.

Not one, not two but sixteen auxiliary channels

Acquire force trace, synchronize additional devices, forward a signal, these are only some of the things you can do with this range of connectors and the additional ANALOG OUT and TRIGGER channel. All these channels are included, no matter the device configuration.