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OTBiolab23 Alpha Version

Hello everyone,

This is the OTB Software team!

Finally we want to share with you the first OTBiolab23 installer and this post is meant to be a place where to find documents and the .msi file. All the people who joined us during the OTB Day 2023 are going to be contacted privately but just in case some others want to try it you can use this topic to download materials.

Documents are attached, the installer can be found here:

A couple of clarifications:
- The installer is made for x64 computer so on x86 it will not work properly
- Retrocompatibility with .otb+ file is respected with some restrictions (you will have problem for sure with files containing data from old grids like the NM series)

Everything else is detailed in the Instruction document so please give it a check.

Thank you all!

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